Shakers, Napkin Holders & Bottles

All natural birch bark napkin holders are a beautiful addition to your dining table. Dining, kitchen and bar shakers. Small birch bark containers used for spices, salt and pepper etc.

The bark of a birch tree is a unique, natural material. As source, it is ecologically clean and easily processed. As fabric, it is tender to the touch, pretty and velvety. From the time immemorial, people have been using birch bark to make everyday items like fishing boats (canoes), tueses, jewelry boxes and containers for domestic dry goods. Tues, specifically treated for the purpose, can be used for storage of liquid substances. Milk, sour cream, pine oil, animal fats, honey, salted fish and many other things products can be kept in birch bark containers for a long time protected by its anti-bacterial properties. A birch tree forest is several times more sterile than an operating room because of phytoncide emission. Birch bark, treated in a special way, can be made into bags, clothes and shoes. These are all things with their own integrity, as compared to the same items made of animal hide.

Birch tree has been dubbed a ‘warm tree’. Items made of birch bark stay warm to the touch even in a cold space, because birch bark has a great amount of positive energy. If you are upset in any way, it is enough to look at something made of birch bark, to hold it in your hands, and you will relax. Women who work with a computer say that birch bark hairbands relieve tiredness, and normalize blood pressure. Birch bark items are natural products, and all of them are made by hand. Every single item is unique. Birch bark souvenir production employs yesteryear technology. Its secrets have been passed on from one generation to another for many centuries. Keeping in line with the old traditions and secrets, there are new methods being developed.

Our company offers an assortment of souvenirs in the line of Western Siberian crafts. Here you will find miniature and jewelry boxes, powder and cigar cases, accessories, Siberian netsuke, tueses of various sizes and for various purposes, tableware articles, food storage bins and many other items. The entire collection is full of nuances and delicate touches, and will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated buyer. The most attractive articles are those used in daily housekeeping: tues containers of all shapes and sizes, as well as salt shakers, hot plates, biscuit barrels, candy bowls, napkin holders, simple baskets for outside use, and bread baskets.

Domestic wares made of shaved birch bark bring us close to that far away epoch during which art had not yet separated into a special area of visual arts, but was still strongly connected to the objects of material culture and heathen religion. Contemplating the designs you will see animal shapes, birds, images of forest flowers, a sea of stars and the shine of the Arctic lights. The organic addition of decorative scrollwork utilizing various carving methods makes all these items look festive and complete.