Made of Birch Bark

          Birch bark has been used in Russia for production of household items and accessories since ancient times. For centuries, the secrets of the craft have been passed down from one generation to another.

Our company is pleased to offer a wide assortment of West Siberian birch bark souvenirs created in line with the old traditions and techniques of Western Siberia, fused with new innovative production methods. Among our assortment of products you will find trinket and jewelry boxes, hair accessories, food storage jars and containers, birch bark tues containers of various sizes and for various purposes, plates, trays, salt & pepper shakers, cups, mugs and many other organic articles handcrafted from the bark of birch.

Our products, such as plates and dishes, candy bowls, napkin holders and bread baskets and boxes are not only attractive, but also very useful for daily household needs.
The whole collection is made entirely of birch bark and is full of uniqueness, distinctive nuances and delicate touches.

Not only is birch tree bark pleasing to the eye, it is also an ecologically clean material with antibacterial properties.

"The medicinal properties of birch bark can be considered a true gift the nature has bestowed upon mankind, and it should be fully utilized."

Craig Sallin
President and founder of