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Carved Headband & Bracelet set

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Birch bark head band

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Birch bark headband and wrist band set

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It is believed that besides making a person attractive, birch tree jewelry pieces such as pendants, ear rings, bracelets and hairbands work as health talismans for the wearer.
Long ago people noticed that fallen birch trees rot only on the inside, while the bark stays undamaged on the ground for several decades exposed to extreme rains, cold winter temperatures and the drying summer heat.
Birch bark is a solid, resistant to decay and completely natural fabric. It lends itself easily to the various uses mankind has designed for it. It can be used for roof covering and for making tableware. It’s excellent for producing oil tar, making light boats, weaving shoes and swamp wear, coats and caps, bottles and ink holders, whistles and flutes.
Articles made of birch bark can be washed with warm water. The use of cleaning agents is not recommended. Nowadays birch bark containers are not certified as storage for food stock. Nevertheless, we know that in times past birch bark was utilized widely in households for just that purpose. Birch bark is an ecologically clean natural fabric.
Tuaes (or Burak, a container with a tight lid and a closing brace or a buckle) is a type of a cylindrical storage bin made of birch bark. It is used to store such products as water, milk, ginger ale, sour cream, butter, honey, grains, spices, salt, flour, mushroom, berries, fish and other products. Due to the miraculous properties of birch bark, everything stored in it will retain its taste qualities, the salt will not get moist and the milk will not spoil.
Ginger ale, stored in a tuaes stays cold in the summer, and water does not turn to ice during a winter frost. A birch bark container is an authentic article of a traditional Russian household. With its logical construction, sturdiness, and a simple shape it is in fact the embodiment of popular traditional design.
Tuaes reminds one of a thermos. Basic elements of construction are body, bottom, and the lid. The lid is meant to be so tight, that it doesn’t let the air through, and when these conditions are observed, the sour cream does not spoil, and the fish does not freeze in winter, or spoil in the heat.