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Carved framed mirror with stand Birch bark makup mirror Oval birch bark makeup mirror

Carved framed mirror with stand

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Birch bark makup mirror

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Oval birch bark makeup mirror

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Square makeup mirror, carved birch bark.

Square makeup mirror, carved birch bark.

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Mirrors framed in birch bark. Various sizes - mini, makeup, bedroom. With handles, stand / supported, pocket size etc.
Birch bark has many properties utilized in various applications. It is light, flexible, breathable, and maintains warmth. The fabric is flexible and simple to process. From the times immemorial, birch bark has been used for protection from cold and moisture. It was used in making and protecting fishermen’s boats. The elastic fabric was used in making water-resistant shoes, light and decorative tableware, and containers for dry and liquid foods.

Birch bark has anti-bacterial qualities. It is a powerful anti-septic agent and a natural absorbent. It removes poisonous substances from the food. Research showed that the presence of silver ions in birch bark inhibits the growth of bacteria, and that means that products stay fresh longer. A small tues is better than any thermos. Thanks to its positive qualities, birch bark is widely utilized in traditional households.

In the past, birch bark was used for a prolonged storage of milk, fish, mushrooms, and other goods. Flour and grains kept in these containers are resistant to grain moth or any other insect. Some people use tues to keep winter clothes out of reach of the clothes moths. Besides that, birch bark draws moisture away from domestic dry goods.
Naturally, modern birch bark artists develop new approaches while continuing the traditions of folk art. With time, the decorative aspect became more complex, and nowadays one encounters amazing objects made of three or four layers of decorative scrollwork. Several layers of warmly tinted, decoratively carved birch bark sheets put one upon another, add depth, 3D quality and a kind of uniqueness to the object.

There are highly professional artists in our creative studio “”, who create unique and individual birch bark artworks shown in the Items List.