Made of Birch Bark

Chinese doctors regard the birch tree as the Russian ginseng for a good reason. Birch bark is an effective remedy against malaria and pneumonia. It is an excellent remedy to heal wounds, to get a low pressure up, and to relieve headaches.

Jewelry made of birch bark is free of substances which could irritate skin, and pins and hairbands stay free of static electricity. It has been noticed that holding a birch bark item in one’s hands and looking at it for a while is good for relaxation. Women who spend a lot of time in front of a computer say that a hairband made of birch bark relieves tiredness, and can normalize blood pressure.

In line with traditional medicine, the official medicine abroad and in Russia recognizes that birch bark and its components contain healing qualities. It is well known that birch bark is rich in betulin (birch camphor), approximately one third of the dry weight of the bark. Birch tree was dubbed “White Gold in the Boreal Forest” because of its beneficial biological effect.

Birch bark, the source of raw material for betulin extract, is normally removed from cut trees. Prepared raw material is consequently dried in the open air. It is officially allowed for medicinal use in Russia, USA and many other countries.
Betulin is known to be an active substance against toxins, hepatitis and alcohol. This popular yesteryear knowledge led to three independent studies based on a classic hepatitis model.

The anti-stress action of birch bark has also been studied. It has been shown that betulin acts as a relieving agent for acute stomach problems such as reserpine and histamine ulcers, sub-chronic ulcers related to Butadion, as well as ulcers related to the intake of acetylsalicylic acid and acetone.
Birch bark was shown to have a beneficial effect related to gastro protective agents Befungin and Plantaglyutsid, and a complex effect upon the mucous lining of a damaged stomach tissue. The latter effect was seen to involve mainly protective action, but it also has an effect of weakening the peptic acidic potential of the gastric juices and lowering the hydrochloric acid levels. At the same time birch bark extract showed to have an antispasmodic, analgesic, and flogistic effect.
Birch bark has incredible potential.
Birch bark has powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial qualities. The next time you happen to go to the forest, you should kick in a fallen birch tree with your foot: the inside of the tree will collapse, but the bark will stay intact. Russian town Novgorod birch bark letters had been lying buried in the ground for almost 700 years. They are now on exhibit in the museum in a very well preserved state.

Phytoncides are substances produced by plants, and used for protection against insects because they easily disperse through the air. The most effective phytoncides are those produced by the leaves of a birch tree. Due to their presence, there are only 400 malignant bacteria for one cubic meter of space in a birch tree forest. Just to compare, the average bacterial release in a hospital operating room equals about 500 CFU/m3. Birch bark has the same properties as birch leaves, releasing phytoncides but to a lesser extent.
Our ancestors knew many secrets of a long life. They were aware that it is enough to sprinkle only a couple of drops of birch extract onto coal to disinfect the entire space. The birthing place of our great grandparents was prepared this way too.

As was mentioned before, bread kept in a birch bark container stays fresh longer than in any other container. Now imagine a person in a space instead of bread in a bread basket. A house with articles made of birch bark provides healthy air. Homeopathic doses of phytoncides keep on fighting for human health. There is a mouth disorder, related to fungi Candida, and called Stomatitis, which is treatable by birch bark. It has also been proven that birch bark is efficient against the herpes virus. Of course, a healthy person may not need any of that. But one shouldn’t forget about prophylactic measures. It is not possible to stay healthy through one’s entire life, but it is very difficult to get one’s health back once it’s gone. You can try it yourself – our natural medicinal birch bark products are quite affordable, and stand for real popular medicine.