Gnomes birch bark mug

Gnomes birch bark mug

100% hand made birch bark. Light weight.

The Birch Tree is the symbol of Russia. From time immemorial the birch has treated Russians with its leaves, buds, fungus, tar, birch twigs used in Russian baths and birch juice. This tree inspired the creation of songs and folk dances, Russian girls decorated the birch with flowers and ribbons, and they sang songs in its honor. Many home utensils were traditionally made of birch bark, such as spoons, chests and baskets.
Another unique quality of this tree is to use its bark for wall pictures. The birch bark (or beresta) bears a great number of natural color tints. The artists use the bark of dead trees, because the live tree would suffer without its natural coating and the art wouldn't be that joyous anymore.
Beresta is considered a warm tree because it is warm to the touch even in a cold room.
Natural material creates a wonderful harmony of color in the pictures and radiate the warmth of the genuine wood.This all natural hand made birch bark cup is great for beer or any other cold drinks.
5 inches (~12.5 cm) tall by 3 1/3" (8.5 cm) diameter.
Volume: 20 US fluid ounces (~0.6 liters).
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